Hi 👋 My name is Mikael Kundert, but people call me Miksu.

I’m based at Helsinki and I enjoy doing web development. I’ve been doing web development from year 2002 (age 13) as a hobby, from year 2006 as part-time freelancer and full time trainee. From year 2008 as professional full time web developer.

I’ve been working at Wunder since year 2011. Before that, I was working at Activeark that is known today as Mirum.

I’ve worked with several frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Laravel and Express.js. Also, CMS’s like PyroCMS, ExpressEngine and Drupal are familiar to me. With Drupal I have full time experience from year 2010, see my Drupal.org profile.

I’ve also been organising and mentoring many Drupal events around the europe.

Most of my work consists of designing backend systems, performance testing, quality assurance, audits and training/mentoring. I work mostly with agile project model.

Currently I’m inspied by topics related to Serverless, GoLang, NodeJS and microservices.

Over the interenet, I tend to use nickname iMiksu. But I’m not an Apple fan anymore, I’ve lost faith on it long time ago 😉